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What we do: CV


As EEG, we understand the frequently changing cultural and business needs crucial to the growing entertainment sector.


With more than 20 years of experience across the world, we have gained all the necessary skills for developing and executing a versatile range of entertainment projects mainly focusing on exhibitions, live and family entertainment.


Whether it is a ready show or a brand-new concept, we work with the best local and global partners to achieve the best content.

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EEG Live focuses on organizing and producing live music concerts and performance events with the aim to allow audiences to experience a quality selection of music and performance arts from KSA and around the world. 

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EEG Exhibitions creates, produces and brings national and international projects focusing on arts, culture, entertainment, edutainment, sports and various other themes.  EEG has recently became the co-producer of “The Art of Banksy” Exhibition which has been successfully running globally since 2015.

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EEG Family focuses on creating, producing, presenting and bringing a wide range of family projects including live stage shows, experience and edutainment centers. We work with world’s leading booking agencies and companies to bring the best shows and artists to KSA.

Our presence is not just limited to KSA as we have projects in Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, USA and soon in Middle East..

We are determined to create locally and get recognized globally.

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