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Monet By The Water Exhibition

“Monet By The Water” Experience, created by EEG, SEE and Mira, is an immersive art experience paying homage to legendary French painter Claude Monet and his water themed masterpieces.

The exhibition is designed of different chapters that take the guests on a journey through Monet's landscapes, following the artist's depiction of the passage of time, light, and territories, through a curation that focuses on the fact that throughout his career. The exhibition offers visitors about 350 paintings re-imagined with a 60+ minutes audiovisual experience takes you to the reimagined universe of Monet’s landscapes, with 8m high multiscreen projections, original music and sound effects. It honors the oeuvre of the iconic artist, using traditional and contemporary artistic languages: digital painting, illustrations, computer graphics, animation, sound design, musical composition, augmented and virtual reality, and audiovisual projections.


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