Louis Vuitton: Legendary Trunks Exhibition

Legendary Trunks the Exhibition is an interactive, immersive experience exploring the luggage of iconic designer Louis Vuitton, and the Golden Age of Travel they symbolize. 
This unique exhibition transports viewers to the Golden Age of Travel beginning over 150 years ago and continuing through the 20th century, when groundbreaking innovations in transportation opened up new frontiers for exploration, and Louis Vuitton trunks created a new paradigm for transporting one’s possessions.

Thematic sections explore different modes of travel from this Golden Age - rail, air, auto, and sea - which are vibrantly brought to life through multi-media recreations inspired by the provenance and details of the many original Louis Vuitton trunks on display. The exhibition also highlights some of the famous owners of Louis Vuitton trunks - Franklin D Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, and Judy Garland among others - imparting their historically significant journeys and giving visitors the opportunity to view their personal effects up close.